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How do I add or remove an app?

Last Updated: May 03, 2018 09:55AM IST
  1. In your dashboard, under Developers in the left-hand panel, click on 'Get started'.
  2. Type the name of your app in to the box and click on 'Add app'
Your app then appears below. Click on it to open the access to your sandbox token and secret.

You are ready to begin testing in the sandbox environment! Follow our Getting started reference to learn how you can download our SDKs, access development tools and run test transactions in our sandbox environment.

Getting started - iOS ObjC
Getting started - iOS Swift
Getting started - iOS judoKit
Getting started - Android
Getting started - Xamarin
Getting started - .Net

Disabling or removing an app is easy.
  1. Log in to your dashboard.
  2. Open the app you wish to disable or remove
  3. To remove it click on 'remove' in the right-hand side of the app summary box.
  4. To disable an app click on the app, bringing up the token and secret screen. Click on disable in the right-hand side of the app details box.
Once an app is removed it cannot be retrieved. A disabled app can be enabled again at any time, by following the same steps and selecting 'enable'. This will make the token and secret ready to use once again.

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